Aroma Therapy Facial

During an aromatherapy facial, I will be analyzing your skin and determine which essential oils will most benefit your skin type. The process includes steaming your face and applying a scrub or enzyme to clean out any clogged pores. I would also be adding a certain essential oils into the facial mask to complement your personal preferences for a specific scent that's beneficial for your skin type.

Some essential oils have skin-soothing properties. Lavender and rose are well-known for their ability to calm irritated skin. However, other oils, such as tea tree, geranium or lemongrass can soothe acne-prone skin and bring the skin back into balance. Some oils, such as tea tree, have astringent properties, which can help to regulate oily skin.

Top Five Benefits Of Aromatherapy Facials:

An aromatherapy facial can work wonders for your skin. Here are the benefits you can get when you go for an aromatherapy facial:

1. The Goodness of essential oil

An aromatherapy facial involves the use of a variety of essential oils. The essential oils are chosen according to your skin type. Naturally, these essential oils work to the advantage of your skin and take care of a variety of beauty problems like pimples, acne and rashes.

2. Promotes Clear Skin when added to steam

The aromatherapy facial ideally begins with a facial steam, which cleans the pores thoroughly. It also cleans the impurities that have accumulated over the time. At the same time, drops of essential oils that have been added to the water, work deep within the pores of your skin.
Essential oils : lavender , eucalyptus, peppermint , tea tree etc.

3. Removes Dead Cells when added to scrub or enzymes:

Facial steam is generally followed by exfoliation or an enzyme according to the skin type essential oil is added for the treatment in the scrub or enzyme.
Essential oils : Lemongrass , basil , tangerine etc.

4. Relaxation during massage

Aromatherapy facials involve the abundant use of essential oils and other aromatic products. They soothe your senses and your nerves. They help you relax like never before it removes dead cells and reveals smooth skin. The aroma of essential oils relaxes you completely during massage.
Essential oils : Rosemary, rose, lavender , patchouli etc.

5. Mask

In the end it's added to a mask for your facial treatment.
Essential oils : Orange, sandalwood, cypress etc.


Facial Rates
Aromatherapy Facial $60.00



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